Alterations services include:

Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Evening/ Formal dresses, Prom dresses, Casual clothing, women clothing, kids clothing, mens clothing. And we can handle any job – from a simple hem to total reconstruction. 


Price, Starting from
Pants $20+
Jeans euro-hem $25+
Jeans wide hem $20+
Skirt $20+
Sleeves (2) $20-60
With Straightening Add $10
With Lining Add $10 and more


Price, Starting from
Dress (2 sides) $25
Pants (2 sides) $45
Pants waist in/out $40
Skirt (sides) $25
Waistbelt changing $40
…With lining Add $10 or more
…Including hem Add $10

Tighten The Back ( Central Seam)

Price, Starting from
Dress $20
Blouse $20
Jacket with lining $50

Zipper Change:

Price, Starting from
Invisible Zipper ( skirt, dress, pants) $20
Jacket $50

Change Lining:

Price, Starting from
Skirt $60
Pants $80
Dress $80
Coat $140
Jacket $120

Complex Alterations:

Price, Starting from
Adjust at the sleeve cap $40-60
Adjust at arm hole $20-40
Redesign neckline $30
Raise or lower a dart $10
Shorten or lengthen darts $15
Button $2
Buttonhole $4


These are prices for basic garments. Additional details such as pleats, pockets, fancy frills, non-standard cut or size, etc. add to this price.
Garments made of silk, satin or chiffon, for example, add 20% on top of the price because they take extra time, skill, and work to deal with.

Please note we do not work with real leather and fur.  

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